Rockin’ Pug Means Bidness

July 2, 2011
Beckett the rockin' pug

I’m almost mad as hell and I ain’t gonna quite take it anymore.

Took a break from blogging. Now I’m back with something new & improved:

Rant on.


Adieu Distance

July 26, 2009

Worstwriting has been removed so that I might solve a “copyright” issue with my conscience – which may or may not include bettering being WORST. (Whatever that means.)

Of course, all (worstwriting) is almost only… lost. There is a distant plan to (re)hash all the material that was posted here and then (re)consider the idear to-blog or not-to-blog. I mean, seriously, there is a point in life where even the WORST of us realize that this much waste-of-time is just too abundant. At the least, this blogging-thing did serve part of the compulsive behaviorism I so gallantly titled. That must say something. Or?

For those interested in reading (more of) my work, you can contact VAT Verlag where you’ll find some of my essays regarding the Marxist-East-German playwright Peter Hacks in actual, physical/material publication (ain’t that neat). Here’s a more direct link:

Argos Heft Nr. 5

(Oh, …and don’t be afraid! My publisher is German, so too is the book, but my essays are in English.)

Forever and indubitably signing off as WorstWriter – but continuing as something else – I think.



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